Welcome to Carrington Facilities Management

Your new way to contact the buildings facilities manager.

The Carrington Facilities Management Website has been specialy designed to give everyone in your building a place to check whats happening in the building, log an issue with the manager, check on the status of other issues, and to have direct access to all relevant building documentation, all in one convenient and remotely accessible online space.

This is the future of a more streamlined and efficient management system which will provide for far more effective communication between building occupiers and management.

The site has been created with simplicity in mind, to make it quick and easy to interact with the rest of the building and most importantly, your building manager.

Welcome to the future

How to use the new site

Firstly, click on login to get started.

Next, click on the facilities management link to open up your main building page where you will find building issues, strata documents, moving in and out details, emergency contact details, and more information relevant to your building.

When logging an issue, fill out the relevant information, and select what type of issue it is and then click submit. Remember to try and keep your issue log and additional comments short and succinct, but with enough detail to correctly direct your building manager to the issue.

When logging an issue to do with the building, for example a expired light in a common area, select your building as the location of the issue in the drop down menu.

Similarly with a individual apartment issue, for example a loss of apartment power at the main circuit board, select your apartment as the source of the issue in the drop down menu.

If you have any questions on how to use the site, please email us at

Carrington is an integrated property services company specialising in Building Management and Property Management.

We provide your building with the highest quality building management services at a cost effective rate and have been providing these services since 1996.